Dr. Peter Lazarus born 1971 has had his education all over India, including the remote islands of Andaman and Nicobar, graduating in Veterinary Sciences and Animal Husbandry from Orissa. He has 16 years of Experience in animal husbandry sector, most part of which have panned the entire gamete of poultry farming industry.

From Pure lines to commercials, in all aspects of feed manufacture to marketing, Agric financing, project conceptualization to implementation, and the Veterinary and Food industries. He has been in top management positions in two if the top most poultry companies in India - Venkateswara and Suguna. He has working experience in Asia, Gulf and Africa and widely travelled in south East Asia, which gives him a deeper understanding of geographical and regional intricacies of farming activities.

He has on-field experience in both backward to the most advanced technologies in poultry farm mechanization, feed milling, diagnostics etc. He has good understanding of the Nigerian socio-Politico-economic and agro-climatic diversities. His back-ground, education, and varied experience will be beneficial to all farmers in Nigeria.

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