Dr. Olatunde Aiyedun Agbato


“The Candle Lighter”

1950 – 2021

Adieu to the Visioneer and founding president of Animal Care Services Konsult (Nig.) Ltd the producers of Funtuna eggs.

He helped revolutionize the livestock industry and the veterinary profession in Nigeria by pioneering many ‘firsts’
as well as serving as an agent of positive change to his immediate community and nation.

Until his death on the 7th of January 2021, Dr Olatunde Agbato remained the president and Chief
Executive of Animal Care Services Konsult, a Class Leader and Knight of John Wesley Methodist Church, Nigeria.

Dr. Olatunde Agbato was aged 70 and was survived by his wife and founding partner Dame Olufunmilayo Agbato,
children, grandchildren, siblings, and many friends.