Poultry Farm Operations


Our poultry farm operations which is otherwise known as FUNTUNA farms is one of the best managed commercial replacement pullet rearing and egg laying operations in Nigeria with modern technology and equipment. Managed by staff who are regularly exposed to world class training and retraining both locally and internationally. This farm is located along Lagos-Ibadan Expressway at Ogere Remo, Ogun State.

FUNTUNA farms has an installed capacity for thousands of egg layers which are replaced annually producing millions of eggs that are sold as branded FUNTUNA eggs

The farm also has an annual large installed capacity for replacement pullets spanning over hundreds of thousands, out of which are absorbed internally to replace our laying birds and also sold as point-of-lay pullets to numerous prospective customers and small medium scale operating farmers across the country respectively.

The farm is reputed for being the first member of the INTERNATIONAL EGG COMMISSION (IEC) from the Sub-Saharan Africa and has won several awards both locally and internationally including Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) Farmer of the Year award both at state and national levels, including National Council best Farmer of the year in the country


Funtuna Eggs are grade AA golden yellow yolked eggs both brown and white brand. It is the first egg to be branded in Nigeria and it is available in both the open markets and supermarkets all over Nigeria either in open trays or in prepack cartons of various sizes. For more information, visit www.funtunang.com

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